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Advantages of the Oxinium

Suitable for young patients because of its anticipated longevity. (twice that of conventional knee replacements)..

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Oxinium Knee Replacement

TKR suitable for the elderly,sedentry patient and Dr.Vijay C.Bose with 3 Oxinium(ceramic)knee replacement patients Who are are all younger than 55 yrs of age.

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What is Oxinium

Metal in which the surface has been transformed into a ceramic..

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Ceramic Coated Knee

Ceramic coated knee (OxiniumTM) is a revolutionary new alloy that provides improved wear characteristics in knee replacement and could last twice as long as standard devices A breakthrough in knee replacement technology from orthopaedic specialists, Smith & Nephew, means that millions of people who suffer with arthritis in India & elsewhere can now benefit from the new Ceramic coated knee..

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Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery has truly achieved its full potential in recent times. All patient reservations or expectations regarding this rewarding surgery has been addressed in the recent past. This surgery gives consistent results when accurately performed, giving patients truly a new level of activity and complete pain relief. The significant recent advance has been in the following.
1. High Flex knee this has become standard practice in Asian patients for whom sitting on the floor is an integral part of their culture.
2. Oxinium knee replacement This landmark breakthrough in bearing technology has come after 40 years of using the traditional metal-poly bearing. This new bearing has the potential to last much longer than conventional TKR. This has its application in young active patients requiring knee replacement.
3. Bi-cruciate knee Functional restoration is best possible with the bi-cruciate system and can be combined with the oxynium technology.
4. Mobile Bearing Knee Variation of the TKR which allows the polyethylene disc to rotate and thereby reduce wear. The LCS mobile bearing knee has the best long term result of TKR and is the mobile bearing knee used at JRGC.